Rafnar ehf.

Having owned several boats and yachts himself, Össur Kristinsson, the inventor of the ÖK Hull, has had a passion for boats that dates back to his childhood when he built himself a canoe at the age of 15. Then some twenty five years ago while living in Stockholm, Sweden, Össur was inspired by the work of engineer Fredrik Ljungström to create a new hull concept based on Ljungström’s arc-of-circle radius, invented for his circular arc hull. As boat hulls are typically hidden out of sight, this remained one of Ljungström’s lesser known ideas.

 Having begun research and development for the ÖK Hull in 2005, 2011 became one of the most important years of development when Rafnar began a research and development collaboration for tactical boats based on the ÖK Hull with the Icelandic Coast Guard (ICG) and the Icelandic Association of Search and Rescue (ICESAR). As ICG and ICESAR are among the most demanding end-users of tactical vessels in the North Atlantic, this collaboration effort proved to be invaluable and has since then given Rafnar and the ÖK Hull technology international endorsement and appeal. A common saying among ÖK Hull fans is, “if the ÖK Hull works for the ICG and ICESAR, it'll work for us”.