• Iceland
Kerecis was established in 2009 as a research project based in Isafjordur, Iceland. The company started it's commercial operations in 2013. The Kerecis technology is based on on fish skin. The primary product line (“Kerecis Omega3”) uses intact fish skin for human tissue transplants. The Kerecis Omega3 fish skin is regulatory approved as medical device in multiple jurisdictions (including U.S. and Europe) for indications such as burn and diabetic wounds. Regulatory submissions are pending for multiple other indications. The company’s second product line (“mOmega3”) uses proprietary fatty acids in skin care formulations that are regulatory approved in Europe as medical devices.
The company is domiciled in Isafjordur, Iceland, where manufacturing is based as well as several corporate functions. The company also operates an office in Reykjavik, Iceland and following a successful series B funding round in 2016, the company established an office in the D.C. metro area (Arlington, VA), taking its first steps to convert from a research stage business to the commercial stage.
Kerecis is privately held by Icelandic, American, British and French shareholders. About ½ of the shareholders are the original founders of the business and remaining shares are held by several private investors and family funds.
The company is participating in several U.S. Department of Defense funded projects. Resulting from a shift in the nature of injuries from the traditional battlefield to fighting against insurgents, burn injuries are now at forefront of care for injured servicemen, with death rate and seriousness of burn wounds much higher than in traditional battlefield conditions. Kerecis is committed to developing better remedies for injured American servicemen.
The Kerecis technology is patented in the United States and multiple other countries. The Kerecis wound-healing product has a Medicare "Q" code (Q4158), allowing it to be easily identified and processed by Medicare and private insurance companies in the United States when used to treat for example burn and diabetic wounds.
In addition to the already regulatory approved product for treating wounds such as burn wounds and diabetic wounds, the Kerecis Omega3 fish skin technology is being developed for use in products to; treat oral wounds, for dura mater repair, breast reconstruction and abdominal wall reconstruction as well as for surgical stapling and reinforcement.
Facilitate healing through tissue regeneration.
Our vision at Kerecis is to become a world leader in tissue regeneration by providing products that help chronic wounds and damaged tissue to heal. Kerecis will do so by developing innovative technologies based on fish tissue and the components thereof.
Company History
Kerecis was established as a medical device / biotech company in 2009 and completed its seed round ($700K) early 2010. The company closed it's "A" round ($4MM) at the end of 2011 with committments fully paid in February 2014. The company closed it’s "B" round in 2016 ($3MM).
The company is actively seeking future licensing and distribution partners, while focusing on product development, intellectual property protection and clinical tests. Ideal potential technology licensees will have the ability to undertake market launch of these proprietary devices in markets around the world.