• Iceland
A company with experience​ ​ACE FBO is a leading ground handling company that has been operating at Keflavik Airport since July 1st, 2014 and at Reykjavik Airport for over forty years. We believe in keeping handling simple, ​efficient and friendly; our highly-trained staff are all experienced pilots with excellent language and technical skills. ACE FBO offers wide variety of services above and ​beyond most FBO’s handling, ​​including:  
  • ​discount rates at local hotels (10% - 30% of rack rates)
  • fixed prices on taxi services and competitive prices
  • competitive fuel prices for both Jet A-1 and 100LL AvGas
  • free WiFi internet access
  • free International Telephone services (through Skype)
  • free access to WWW through our customer computer.
  • ​access to Flight planning software